Kids archetypes

So let’s explore the most popular Kid’s archetypes that teachers and parents come in contact with in a days work…or play. Just click on the links to take you to our page and our Phonic All Star characters can help you to learn more about a child’s archetype, underlying energy patterns and demonstrated behaviour in each of these kids archetypes to better develop them to their full potential, manage challenging behaviour and see their shiny light and help them manage their shadow qualities.

The Fire Ball Archetype

The Fire Ball

The Phonic All Stars-Sidnet Snake

The Silent Assassin

The Phonic All Stars-Winona Wind

Rain on your Party or The Wise One

The Phonic All Stars-Ursula Early Bird

The Early Bird

The Phonic All Stars-Arckie Heart the Artist Galah

The artist


The Phonic All Stars-Portia Candle

The Glamour Girl

The Phonic All Stars - Yeeha Yowee

The Wild One

The Phonic All Stars - Colonel Colin Capgun-Constable Kate Capgun

The protector

 Phonic All Stars - Shelly Shy and Zha Zha Shocking

The White and Black Magician