The Vampire Bat

The Phonic All Stars- Elvis Egg, one of the darker characters in the Phonic All Stras series teaches children about the archetype of the vampire bat. Children's behaviour, children's psychology

The Vampire Bat

Elvis Egg, one of our darker characters from the Phonic All Star series is here to teach us about the archetype of the Vampire Bat. We may have all met a Vampire Bat in our passing as kids in the playground, as girl friends or boyfriends along the way or even as adults. The Vampire Bat’s story is one of dark energy patterns. It involves  the attachment of one person to another to serve the benefits of one person only. This Vampire Bat personality trait then sucks the life, uses the other person and drains them of their energy until they are left lifeless and dead of energy. You know when you have been bitten by a Vampire Bat because when that person goes away, you can be left feeling lifeless as they have drained every last spark of life from you. At first we may feel that we are offering help, rescuing or trying to heal one of these little dark characters, but be warned, you can always tell a Vampire Bat because when you give them useful advise and mnethods of solving their solutions, they never take it on.

Why not?

Because they are not there to get better, they are there to whinge…get attention….drain you of your energy and move onto the next person. Be aware though that they show no remore for the carcass that they drain until completely used and lifeless. There tendency is then to dump the carcass and to move onto the next victim of shining energy. This can often be see in the school yard crush bfor the dating game. Where a Vampire Bat is titled a user and someone is mercilessly dumped for a brighter offer.

The Vampire Bat is a master of attachment. They also know who are their victims. Usually the people that care the most. The rescuers and martyrs you better be aware.  They attach to others to suck energy because they believe that they can’t create their own energy or their energy is so low for some reason. For some individuals it may be that they are suffering with a low mood or depression.

The Vampire Bat Archetype in the Light

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