The Worker Bee


The Phonic All Stars - Zippy Bumble Bee

The Worker Bee

Zippy Bumble Bee from the Phonic All Stars teaches us about the hard working kids who have their tail up and their head down. These are the students with a clear sense of purpose in getting the task done and bee lining it straight to the reward at the end, whether it is an A in class or the class reward from the teacher.


The Worker Bee in the Light

The Worker Bee is diligent and often clear focused on what the end goal is and what time frame it will be achieved in. They are efficient in their activities wasting no time to smell the roses or get off track with frivolous chit chat or exploration when the quickest route is a finished project. These traits may hold them in good stead for achievement of great results and being ambitious is easy as it marries with their love of productivity. This is positive if their love is in the work that they do because they just get on with the job with no complaints and no feeling of effort as work is perceived as fun for them. If this is achieved using a positive frame of reference the child will grow to never work a day in their life as their work is perceived as fun.


The Worker Bee in the Shadow

However, the Worker Bee is often at risk of over work and self deprivation of the fun activities in life. These kids may study and study but may struggle to get the balance to be able to rest and play. They may not enjoy the process along the way and may loose track of what the hard work was all about and grow resentful for the energy consumed in the process and lack of free time when this gets out of balance,. They also may never be able to feel comfortable in idle time, rest and relaxation as it may be perceived as wasted time or time better spent doing tasks that are work related and mounting up, especially if ambition is on the agenda. .Some Worker Bees may pay the consequences of this over work with burn out or at it’s worst a mental burn out which may need balancing with the Sloth archetype. Zippy Bumble Bee is a busy workaholic bee who loses his “zzzzzzzzz”s from lack of sleep from the stress and worry of over work to pay the bills as a single Dad to his baby bumble Bees. His story is featured in his soundtrack available from the Phonic All Stars or on itunes.