The Gossip


The Phonic All Stars-Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner

The Gossip

Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner from the Phonic All Stars teaches us about the archetype of the Gossip. This is not only an archetype that is seen in the school yard but is alive and kicking within social circles of adults as well. We all know and have had contact with the Gossip. In the Phonic All Star series, Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner goes from house to house cleaning up and collecting everyone’s dirt…on them. She then goes to the next house and takes that dirt with her rather than emptying her dirty bag before she leaves. Vonnie Vacuum is also not to be trusted. As she perceives herself as a cleaner, and not going to amount to anything, she has to make her way by taking from others. She does this by discrediting them with what she finds in their house. If she also finds a goldy down the back of the couch in a pocket or even in a wallet…it just slips down her vacuum house never to be seen again. Visit itunes to listen and download her music which teaches her story and outlines how you say her favourite “vvvvvv” sound for the letter “V”.

The Gossip Archetype in the Shadow

This character thrives on the juicy morsels of other peoples business to keep their attention thriving from others around them. They give little over of themselves, as they clearly understand that by doing so they are vulnerable then to other people talking about them in the way that they talk about other people. Gossips have little care about the well being of that individual and really treats them no different to circus animals for display for ridicule or to provide sensationalism to make their often dull existence more tasty. These people are dangerous to have as friends due to the lack of remorse in the way they are portraying sensitive information. If in combination with a silent assassin, they are to be avoided at every cost as they bury deep into a persons hidden layers, bi-passing their trust, and then abuse that trust at every moment they get.

I wonder what lies deep underneath the psych of the Gossip archetypal personality? I would think it would be pointing towards some boredom in their own monotonous life, but possibly also low self esteem or insecurity, so the purpose of defacing someone with a story is of benefit as it brings someone down to a level below them.

What a Gossip has to worry the most about is their reputation. Over time people come to understand that these people serve to harm or spread nothing but bad will so they quickly lose trust from those around them. It s not uncommon for people to be polite and kind up front to these people, because they have to in case they are the next flavour of their rumour spreading. However, when given the chance in a circle of trust, the people around them are happy to let each other know how much they on’t trust them or even don’t actually like them…thus weakening the actual connectiion that they thought that they actually had with their friends in the school yard, at work or in the community.

The Gossip Archetype in the Light

So what can this destructive archetypal personality become if they are coached and shaped to turn their negative-destructive communication patterns into something that is of use to people around them.  These Gossips can use their powers of interfacing with many people to be a connector. Connector personality types are one of the powerful three that were explained in the tipping point as a method of getting a product out into the market place or spreading the word. These tend to be people who have extensive leverage for communication and also seem to be well connected and know everyone! If there focus is for good not destruction, then they can promote the ripple effect that surges forward on that well understood grape vine in our community or school yard. Pass it forward is a great concept for a connector to be involved with and if they truely believe in something and are excited about it they will get it mobilising like wild fire.